When designing your planter, you are limited by only your imagination however we'd suggest you consider the following:

Size naturally has to be appropriate to suit the intended planting but also consider the space you have available and access.

Proportions are vital, have a look at the gallery section for examples.

Stability The u-do-design planter calculator cannot advise on planter stability which will be down to the designer but please consider location, traffic and the ground surface.

Lip detail is vital as the appearance can be made heavier or lighter by the lip size. Also remember the lip dimension effects the planting space.

Colour is a choice of full RAL colour options although appearance may vary due to variations in computer display settings therefore we have also listed the closest matching Pantone and HTML formats.

Drainage holes in the base are included as standard, if they are not required ensure this is highlighted when ordering.

Titanium Silver Column Planter

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