The Process

The process is simple and we've made it a fun experience!

Use the PLANTER CALCULATOR to produce the perfect bespoke planter to your exact specifications.  You have complete control of the dimensions of the top, base, height, lip and colour.

From the starting shape, increase or decrease the dimensions of the top and the bottom of the planter using the slides or highlight the dimension and type the size you want. 

Now adjust the height to fit perfectly. Adjust the lip detail to give either a heavy or light appearance. Then splash the colour from the wide range of 186 different RAL COLOURS available.

The isometric preview will change instantly as will the end and plan views.  Simultaneously the price will also be changing as the dimensions do.

Once you're happy with the design, click the ADD TO CART button to place your order then proceed to CHECKOUT and complete the secure payment process.  All orders will be despatched within approximately 28 days.

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900mm High Zinc Yellow Taper

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