All planters from u-do-design are supplied to your exact specification, seamless to our exacting standards.

This painstaking process starts with receipt of your order and the 3D prgramming and modeling to the dimensions chosen by you.  The shape of each side of the planter is then profiled and formed using the very latest in CNC technology.

The planter, now consisting of the four sides and the base is welded together using the latest in digital welding technology.  Now the assembly of the planter is complete, the polishing and grinding can begin.

Firstly, all welds are removed using course grit ginding.  The coursness is then gradually reduced until the final polishing is completed.

Once finished, the planter goes through a thorough inspection procedure prior to powder coating.

This painstaking process ensures that when you order from u-do-design, you receive not just a plant container but a seamless and beautiful planter manufactured by the finest craftsmen using the very latest technology designed by you, to your own unique style and taste.

Welding Close-Up

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