Privacy Policy

The entire ETHOS of our company is based on the partnership we forge with our most vital business partner, you the CUSTOMER. As a company, we take the issue of the privacy and trust of our customers very seriously.

When establishing the policies by which we collect and store the details of our customers, we have done so through the eyes of a customer and how we like our suppliers to care for us.  Our policy is that at no time will we sell for profit or gain, any information you supply us, or information we have gained from your buying habits unless it is essential for us to complete the order process. For example, your contact information will be shared with our designated delivery supplier in order to deliver your goods.

When you make a purchase through our website, the payment is processed by our chosen third party provider Protx who are the largest independent Payment Service Provider in the UK. To view the privacy policy of Protx, please visit

All information you share with us is stored securely and is used for the sole purpose of improving the way in which we look after you.  This allows us to ensure that we are able to bring to your attention additional products, services or promotions available within the Outdoordesign family as soon as they become available.

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